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happy fall

Fall has officially begun.  One of my favorite seasons, and here are just a few reasons why:

– You can wear hoodies and flip-flops at the same time.

– Jumping in leaves. (after someone else rakes them, of course)

– Bonfires!

– Trips to the Cider Mill! (or if you’re from IL, “Apple Orchard”)

– Pumpkin Flavored everything.

– The start of a new NHL season. (although this season makes me tear up a bit so far. 😦  )

– School-Year Routines (Youth Ministry becomes a bit more stable, even during the busy bits)

– New Seasons of ________ (what show are YOU excited about?)

– Putting away the lawn mower for the year.

– No air conditioning bills, and no need for heat yet either.

– One step closer to going sledding!!  (hoping we get more/any snow this year!)

– I thought it’d also be fun to share a video with you of Addie, from about 4 years ago.  We’ve come a long way!!  Why are you excited for the Fall???



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