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Five Minute Friday – Roots

Here we go again with another “Five Minute Friday” post!  I had a great time trying it out last week, discovered some new writers, and I think a few new people even read my words!  What a great way to share this journey of writing and sharing life.  To learn more about “Five Minute Friday” (FMF), check out the linked image here.
This week’s theme is, “Roots”, so without further adieu…5 minutes of uninterrupted, and unedited writing:

“Roots are your home.   Don’t Deny.  New ideas, are worth a try.  In regards, what’s wrong or right?  We can do this.  Flee or fight.  Prides okay, but understand – no true person, is Superman.  Your domain – called future tense, your environment – your residence.”

It’s a quote from a song called “Residence” from a band called “Everyday Life” back in the 90’s.  A generally grunge-rap-core type band that I listened to when I was upset with the bad stuff in the world.  But it planted seeds for paying attention to the location roots were being put down.   Attention to the role of a parent to know the environment of their family, and change it if necessary.

So it’s with a bit of pride and thankfulness that I look back on the move we made back in 2005.  Far from any family, but wanting to begin having children of our own, we felt like God was calling us to move closer to family.  We moved to where my wife is from, and where much of her extended family still lives.  We also ended up centrally located to where many of my siblings moved to live as well.

But that’s not all.

I’m a youth pastor, and the trend is toward “short-term” living situations for most of us.  We’ve been here almost 7 years, and I still feel like we are only beginning what God has for us here.
Grr….5 minutes is up.   So that’s what I wrote.  But it’s very true – I feel grateful for all the elements God connected to allow us to put down “roots” that our children can connect to.  Not simply “where we live”, either.  But the identity of our family in Christ, following His call, especially at these early years.

Fun. 🙂



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20 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday – Roots

  1. I didn’t want it to end either. Writing in 5 minutes is difficult. I feel your excitement about God’s next step in your time spent where you are as a youth pastor. I pray for his leading and praise Him for your excitement for the work you are doing. Thankful to have found your blog through Five Minute Friday.

    1. Maybe someday we’ll try a “Six Minute Saturday”, or even a “Seven Minute Sunday”, and see how much that adds..hehe. Thanks Meredith!

  2. Look at you! Welcome back 😉
    with a bit of pride and thankfulness..that’s a post all in itself!
    loved how you were able to share so much of your story in just 5 minutes time.
    great write, Wick!

    1. Thanks Nikki, and for continuing the welcome! I tried the “FMF Party” a little last night…and well…it seemed like a (great) women’s group, and came a bit fast for me to keep up with anyways (hard to figure out who is talking to/about who). But I definitely want to keep up with the FMF itself. 🙂

  3. So glad you linked up and admire your goal to bring your girl home. I love when youth pasters stay, invested in their community for a long time. God has never led our family to live near other family and I miss them so much. But I know he is growing me in other ways. Glad you enjoy where you are.

    1. Thanks for reading a bit of our story! I hope you’ll join us in prayer, and stop by again sometime for updates. It’s been a long process already, and I’m not sure how much longer it will be. It’s a daily exercise in faith, for sure. God bless!

  4. I am impressed with 7 years as a youth pastor in one place! I agree with Nikki “with a bit of pride and thankfulness” would make it own post. Nice to get to know you through your post.

  5. Loved your “Grrr…” when the five minutes were up. I felt that way, too. Like I had just begun to think of all the possibilities. But, with these FMFs, it is what it is. And as you said, roots go so much deeper than where we live. Good thoughts. Thanks for visiting at my blog.

  6. It is frustrating (yet lovely!) to be cut off at the five minute mark. And you know, you could continue writing and then post another version of the same blog, right? My daughter is studying religion at Smith College. Her aim is to be a pastor, also. She worked in the Navajo Nation this Summer and had a grand time. Glad to know you are out there… serving and growing. Happy Friday, Blessed Weekend!

    1. I’m certain the thoughts I’ve thunk here will re-emerge in the future! Thanks Julie, and blessings to your daughter as she prepares for pastoral ministry!

  7. Roots take on different meaning in different seasons…as I think of your family returning. Glad to find you via five minute Friday.
    My husband is a pastor…and I know as we talk with our youth pastor he has a desire for long term work and setting up roots- protecting from burn out.
    Happy weekend and blessing to you!

    1. Definitely hear you. “Roots” inspire different thoughts even a few moments after writing. All the things I’d wished I’d thought of…hehe. God bless ya’ll in ministry!!!

  8. Okay…so is it weird that before I read that it was a rap song, I read those words like a rap in my head? Thank you so much for stopping by my space for FMF and for joining in with this gaggle of ladies! I hope that you will continue…it is an amazing writing practice!

    P.S. My husband and I were children and youth leaders, then pastors for about 5-7 years and still worked with youth and children as associate pastors for the 3 years after that. I miss them so much…all the ages. I can understand feeling like you are “just beginning” and I love that you do not approach it as a stepping stone. They are worth that.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement, Lindsey, and the welcome! Glad to know you’re naturally wired for hip hop. 🙂 Come back again!!!

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