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Five Minute Friday: Thank You

Here we go again with another “Five Minute Friday” post!  To learn more about “Five Minute Friday” (FMF), check out the linked image here.  Basically, each week there’s a word given for you to write about.  You start writing, no back-tracking, editing, etc.  At the end of 5 minutes, you stop.  Then you post it, and share in the community of words that were birthed during these 24-ish hours.  It’s cool stuff.
So here’s this week’s response to the word: “Thank You”

I posted a lot of my thoughts on “thankfulness” earlier this week already, but seeing the phrase always brings something new to mind.  I remember singing “Thank You, Lord” in a worship band back in college, and every time we sang it – there seemed to be something new brought to mind.  So many times, it was something about the girl I was dating at the time (now my wife).

But because it was during a “traveling worship band” season, often it had to do with the ministry I was allowed/called to do.   Seeing the lives of teenagers during some very “open to God” moments.  Being a part of what I knew would be “life changing moments”, simply because I still remembered those moments from my own teenage years.  Trying not to think about that one or two teenagers in the back of the audience whom I knew really needed to internalize their thankfulness for God – knowing it had the potential to change their lives.

I’m thankful that I’m not in control of changing lives.

I can live my life in such a way that fosters the environment for a changed life.  But in ministry, in my personal life, in my family – the burden does not lay across my back to bring transformation.  As awesome as Dr.Leman is, even “Having a New Child By Friday” is no guarantee of the Fruit of the Spirit.  Thankfully – we trust God for something like that.  It used to be campers….and now when I sing – “Thank You, Lord”…it’s my own children….


Whew.  I’m also thankful for these “Five Minute Fridays”.  I never know where they’ll lead…but it usually tastes good…

So how has God transformed your thankfulness over the past decade?



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5 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Thank You

  1. Thanks for this offering. Thankfulness has definitely transformed my heart and mind over the last few years. Thankfulness to the one who is the author and finisher of our faith and who tells us to be anxious for nothing. I can do that with such a faithful God! Just stopped by to share a bit of grace on this Friday! Blessings.

  2. How has God transformed my thankfulness over the past ten years? Cultivating a personal relationship with God; recognizing, realizing, that He truly is “nearer than hands & feet”, has brought me to a place of complete thankfulness…for and in all.

    Thank you for posing this question today!

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