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desperate advent.

While we wait for Christmas, the world is waiting for something even more needed.  They are waiting for Jesus.  I don’t mean in a whimsical, “waiting for our Savior to return, waiting to go to Heaven someday, waiting for glory” kinda way.  I mean in a “desperate, life is unjust, people are dying and suffering, and evil is everywhere you turn” kinda way.

I remember in the beginning of our adoption process, we looked forward to not only transforming the life of our daughter, but also the impact it would have on our family.  We couldn’t wait to begin that process by bringing her home.  I had no idea how much it would impact us even during this past year of moving in this direction.

You may have seen the Democratic Republic of Congo in the news lately.  The conflict has been happening for years and years.  For the latest information on why there are M23 rebels and what they hope to accomplish, check this out.

That link is to an interview Jason Stearns did with a leader from M23 before they retreated from Goma last week.  Talks between the DRC Government and M23 are to begin Friday this week.  It seems both groups want the same thing – a healthy country.  They want the people to be free.  They want the people to be taken care of, and safe.  They want their country to prosper, and be developed.

In the dust of their marching boots, however, we see a country that continues to be torn to shreds by the very people who beat their chest in its defense.  Go ahead and read that article…and know “FARDC” refers to the DRC Army.  It seems that looting and rape and terror continues to be the way of life – no matter who holds the gun.

Now don’t start freaking out, thinking “You’re going to travel THERE!?”  Check out this post by a family currently living in Kinshasa, where we will most likely go when it’s time.  Most of the above atrocities are happening on the other side of the country.

Yet the hopelessness of the people living there should not be swept away easily.  The thoughts you may have had, concerned for my safety or that of my family – hold that burden for a moment, on behalf of those suffering in the Eastern DRC.  Feel the weight of a people truly and desperately WAITING for Jesus to move in a new way.  Be moved to desperate prayer, on their behalf and on behalf of many more around the world living in conditions like these.

Sure, we’d love if you could give toward the goal of rescuing our daughter from the DRC.  But don’t stop there.  Experience just a sliver of how God’s heart is broken for these people.  Hold the preciousness of their burden in your heart…and when it’s too heavy to bear, bring it to God.  And there, at the foot of God with your hands outstretched in prayer – look over…I’m smiling at you, and thanking you for coming with us…



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2 thoughts on “desperate advent.

  1. Hi Wick
    Yes, it breaks my heart when I see what happens in Africe! I pray that your daughter will be home soon safe with you!
    Bless you

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