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Proposal w/Purpose

Over 11 years ago, my band was leading worship at her church on a Sunday evening.  She had invited her friends and family to see her boyfriend sing.  I asked her dad to videotape, so I could see what we sounded like in a large venue.

I asked her to marry me.  Now we’re celebrating our 10th anniversary, and I hope you can help me surprise her again.  We’re trying to bring home our daughter from the DRC in Africa.

We’d love if you could join us.
It’s saving a life, and celebrating marriage at the same time!.

Simply click the “Both Hands” link on the right side of this page.

Whether you can give $5, $10, or $1,000…..every bit helps.  Don’t stop there!

Forward this video to all of your friends/family/enemies!  Post it on Facebook, Twitter, and tell the world!  With YOUR help, we can celebrate our anniversary by bringing home our daughter.

Thanks for your help!!



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