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God as expectant toddler… (Advent: Joy)

I could feel it before I even opened my eyes.  There was a presence in the room.  Not shaking me into consciousness, but not exactly hiding either.  I resisted.  Maybe if I just pretended I didn’t notice, the presence would go away.  But I couldn’t.  She wasn’t using any sort of tool to force my eyelids open.  At the same time, there is not much more infinitely compelling than this kind of moment.   It necessitates a response, by it’s nature.

fieldAs I began to open my eyes slowly, the scene before me took shape.  There at the edge of my bed, was my middle daughter, Sophie Grace.  Eyes as wide as the sunrise over the Eastern Sea.  Smile beaming brighter than anything filtering through the window.  An almost satisfied gasp as she registered that I’d noticed her standing there next to me.  As I reach out to her, my arms feel heavy as I’ve not moved them in hours.  But the moment they make contact with hers, energetically clinging to me as if they’ve awaited this moment for years – it seems she has given my arms new energy.  Her spirit floods me to the innermost parts of who I am, and I want nothing more than to draw her close and never let go.  Just being together makes so much else fade away.  Schedules.  Meetings.  Events.  Debts.  Rainy weather. Whatever.  I am blessed to hold and be held.

It’s a moment I reflect back on, and thank God when he has approached me in a similar way.  Times where He’s entered my life in new ways, and not “shaken” me or forced my eyes open with any sort of tool.  Nevertheless his presence is such an infinitely compelling reason to allow myself to be raised from all types of slumber.

And the joy on God’s face, the Happiness of the Spirit when we recognize His presence and reach out for Him….ahh….it is good.  Looking forward to sharing more of this kind of joy.

How has the joy of God approached you recently?



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One thought on “God as expectant toddler… (Advent: Joy)

  1. Oh, Wick
    She is adorable!! Yes, the joy when our Pappa God wraps us in His arms is indescribable. And it is so wonderful how He touches jus at just the right moment …. Usually for me, when I cannot go on one more day!
    Thank you for this charming post.

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