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indoor snowball fight!

Still enjoying great family holiday times here.  It’s going to be a busy weekend!  I get to do a wedding for a great family today, I’ve re-written an updated version of the “John Wesley Covenant Service” to lead our church in tomorrow night, and Monday night is our Youth Group New Years Eve Lock-In!!  So while I’m going nuts, and trying to remember to be a husband and father in the midst of it all….here’s a video from this past week at our home….

Also, if you still have a few bucks left from Grandma, or your Christmas bonus, and you want to help rescue our daughter from Africa, click here!!

Pps.  If you’re on Instagram….connect with me!  My username is: wickanderson    See you there!!



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2 thoughts on “indoor snowball fight!

  1. So so fun! We have indoor snowball fights (well it’s the only kind around here:) using balls made out of white ladies stockings filled with cotton and tied up in the shape of a ball. Great memories your girls are making!

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