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thinking out loud…

I just finished watching the movie “Robot & Frank“, available now through Redbox.  A great movie, especially compared to some of the trash you’ll find opening just about any weekend at the box office lately.  This is where I’ll slap on my “grumpy old man who doesn’t understand what happened to quality art in film” face and sulk.  More movies like this should be in theaters for us to choose from, instead of thin romance plots, crass comedies, or predictably over the top action movies.  Movies that pause, and take deep breaths to allow us to both be entertained and challenged to think/feel.

Although I can’t pretend I’m 100% sophisticated muse-ment, when the book I’ve been captured by lately is the most recent installment of the “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”.  I found it at the dollar store, after not even knowing it existed.  Apparently a few years ago a new author picked up permission to add one more book to the incredibly imaginative British comedy science fiction series.  It’s definitely a froody new bit of story, worth checking out if you’re hip to the franchise, or a talking mouse.  GUIDE NOTE: The last time a talking mouse was connected to reading a Christian parenting blog and made itself publicly known, things did not go well.  In fact, you may not be surprised to find out before escaping to his home planet of Cheeseterius, the mouse known as “Chuck” seemed to inspire his own line of pizza restaurant/arcades.  This is ironic because of the one illegal substance on the planet of Cheeseterius – badly recorded digital background video game music.

In the past 24 hours, I’ve played “Princess-Opoly” twice.  That’s two times more than I found myself excited to try it when I first princessopolysaw the box.  But for real, it’s a game my girls LOVE to play, and as long as I can avoid getting all “competitive” with them, it’s safe for us.  Nevermind the fact that it feels like child trafficking to say things like “I just bought Princess Tatiana for 2 weeks allowance.”, and my girls have informed me that my curtsy needs more than a little work.   I’ve also been taught the difference between a curtsy and a Grande Plie’, which is good because sometimes you just don’t want to send the wrong message.

By now you’re probably greatful that the only time I usually write without much editing/forethought is on “#FiveMinuteFriday“, and those topics are all generally inspiring/uplifting.  Because of that, I think I’ll sneak a little encouraging adoption update in here to reward you.  Are you ready?  We’ve been told that we are “next on the list” in regards to receiving a referral!  What does that mean?  Well, it means that any day/moment, we could get a phone call informing us of a child/story that has been approved for an adoptive family – and we’ll have 72 hours to accept.

Speaking of which……I haven’t played my djembe in a while.

I wish there was a drum circle I could join at a moments notice….:)


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2 thoughts on “thinking out loud…

  1. “Nevermind the fact that it feels like child trafficking to say things like “I just bought Princess Tatiana for 2 weeks allowance.”, and my girls have informed me that my curtsy needs more than a little work.” <– ha, too funny! 🙂

    1. child trafficking is not funny, Howie. (ps. I’m learning which girls to buy. Some are not worth my money, because of the low return.)

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