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beyonce fierce.

How could I pass up a topic like this?  I’ve seen a video blowin’ up Facebook, and there are bits and pieces of it that really tug on my brain/heart, both as a youth pastor and a father.  The gist of the video is this:  Beyonce Knowles is successful because she gives herself over to being possessed by demonic forces (one in particular, “Sasha Fierce” ) to perform on stage.  The video goes on to connect the dots to Jay-Z as well (saying at one point he’s possessed by Frank Sinatra, by his own admission).  It’s true, they even have video footage of Beyonce and Jay-Z claiming their performance abilities come from channeling these alter egos.

But if we start saying anyone who claims to take on another name during a performance is possessed by a spirit of Satan, we may chris-gaines1as well condemn Garth Brooks for his “Chris Gaines” days.  (which I’m okay with…he should have stayed with country)  The video goes into proving all of it’s statements with convincing footage of Beyonce and Jay-Z wearing ancient Satanic symbols, jewelry, and flashing mystic symbols even during performances.

So how do we respond?  Tell our children and young people that these artists are evidence of demonic forces attempting to take over our world via culture?  To avoid buying any of her music, or supporting artists like her and Jay-Z as a rule, because of the dangers of losing our soul for hearing someone who claims to be possessed by an alter ego, or worse, a crooner from the mid-19o0’s?  To tell anyone who enjoys hearing the Chipmunks re-mix her music they’re probably supporting the coming reign of Satan on earth? 🙂

It’s true…Jay-Z has many years of knowing/claiming a sort of “Supernatural Influence” on his success.  Hi-Jacking ancient symbology, and emblazening it into his logos, and sacrificing children on weekends….is nothing new for the rap giant.  Having a huge head, wanting to show how much power he has by claiming/grabbing any connections he can to mystical conspiracies that have existed for a long time already, is not a stretch for someone like him.  That Beyonce follows his lead into her success is no accident.  (although she did actually give up “Sasha Fierce” back in 2010, officially….so what spirit do you think she’s channeling now?)

I’m not touching the spiritual forces dialogue much, beyond shaking my head a bit that it takes a long video pulling all sorts of conspiracy-laced images and video to grab people’s attention and make them second-guess music that apparently a lot of people previously thought was great/healthy/wholesome.   Maybe these artists really do have shrines to demons in their basements, and secretly laugh when people bow to them on stage.  But my point is this:  I don’t want my kids or teens asking, “Hey, what music is made by people possessed by Satan?”  I want them to ask, “Hey, what music/art is going to help me experience the creativity and beauty of God, and the complex variety of His creation and their seasons?”

It’s true, there is a choice our children and young people (and we, even) make each day of who and what we will worship.  The end of the Superbowl show, where Beyonce tells everyone to raise their hands toward her as she “wants to feel their energy” is definitely an act of someone other than God asking for worship.  The crowd responds as any good worshipping community would…extending their hands – giving her the shallow imitation of glory she asked for.

Looking back, I realize I’ve rambled a bit on both ends here.  I think my main issue is that we recognize, whatever spiritual forces are at work – I don’t think we need to fear the ones who wave their arms and yell loudly, “I’m a demon!”, or “I’m asking for your worship!”.  Scripture describes satan as “the great deceiver”.  There are quiet, unseen and unheard forces gently guiding us into a cool complacency away from God.  Exalting self and substance over the presence and power of God.  Music that slaps on a smile, and even seems to be supported by the “Christian” community – that is actually a pale commercial substitution for God-honoring art…allowing us to be more and more content with buying and living off what humanity can provide.

May we be homes and families that continue to think, dialogue, and pray about the lives we live; the cultural choices we make, and what they’re supporting.  May we have confidence in the powerful presence of God, and worship Him alone.  We’ve not been given a Spirit of Fear/Anxiety, but  a Spirit of power, of Love, and of self-discipline.  Breathe deep…and enjoy those Chipmunks…:)



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