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Facebook Auction Happened!

(This auction has ended! Thanks to everyone who donated, bid on, and purchased items!  Together we raised over $2,300 toward bringing Phoebe home!!!  Watch for more opportunities to join our efforts, and join us now in prayer!)

We’re doing an online “Facebook Auction” right now through March 17th, to help raise money to bring home Phoebe from the DRC in Africa!  With God, and you’re help, we know we can knock down these financial walls easily.  We have over 50 items for you to bid on, from decorations, to bags, to gift certificates for local businesses, to artwork, to live musicians!!  So much to choose from, there’s gotta be at least one thing you’d like, or like to give as a gift!  Thanks in advance for your prayers and support, and forward this link on to any friends who might be interested!!!ScreenshotTo see the auction, just click on this link.  It’ll take you to the auction pictures/descriptions.  If you’d like to place a bid, simply request to join the Anderson Adoption Auction group, and once you’re approved – you can post a bid!!



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