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five minute friday: home

Here we go again with another “Five Minute Friday” post!  To learn more about “Five Minute Friday” (FMF), check out the linked image here.  Basically, each week there’s a word given for you to write about.  You start writing, no back-tracking, editing, etc.  At the end of 5 minutes, you stop.  Then you post it, and share in the community of words that were birthed during these 24-ish hours.  It’s cool stuff.
So here’s this week’s response to the word: “home”.

Somewhere in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, my daughter waits.  I pray she’s being cared for.  I pray she’s being held, and told how precious she is.  But I don’t know.  I don’t know what’s happening to her fragile body.  I don’t even know what her face looks like.  I do know our Heavenly Father is with her.

But I can’t wait to bring her home.

Our home is expectant.  With our first 3 daughters, the “pregnancy” was primariliy experienced by my wife.  The kicking in her womb (although certainly our daughters kicked me once in a while too, laying in bed).  But this time, our entire home is waiting expectantly, pregnant with anticipation.   We feel her kicking in our hearts.  We wait to bring her home.

I imagine the heart of God flutters with similar anticipation.  Although I don’t believe God is going to come “whisk us away” in a sort of rapture to a heavenly dwelling with golden streets……I DO believe God desires to bring us home.  To a Heaven and Earth made new, and joined together like never before.  He has already begun that direction, and is working toward it even now.  He invites us to join Him in the process of making all things new – as the veil between Heaven and Earth continues to be broken through in short bursts of the Body of Christ living out His Kingdom.

A while back, as a fundraising Idea I decided to write a song.  It echoed the connection between our hearts right now, and the heart of God.  It may still be something we do….for a couple bucks each download it’d be a great way to raise some funds.  But here’s the chorus:

“And I’m working on a plan, to give you a home.

That you will not need to fear, And so you’ll never be alone.

So wherever you are, have patience little lamb,

This love of mine compels me, to bring you where I am.”

And so we continue to wait.  We’re at the top of the list.  Any minute, my phone could ring….telling me the information,  about this little girl who will become “Phoebe”, the light shining from God’s heart….somewhere in the middle of Africa.  Saying, come, begin the final phase of bringing her home….


(If that call came today, we’d be quite a bit short of funds to do so.  If you’d like to help, we have a Facebook Auction currently happening.  Just click the link, and join the group to place a bid!!  Thanks for your prayers!!)



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4 thoughts on “five minute friday: home

  1. Dear Wick
    I can just imagine how your heart must long for your little one in the Congo. I pray that our Pappa will soon make a way for her to be united with your family. I am sure our Pappa also longs to bring us all back Home safely to our Home in heaven.
    Much love

  2. This is so beautiful and brought tears to my eyes. So nice to read a guy’s words joining us on this five minute journey. I pray your daughter will indeed be home with you soon and until then will know how deeply loved and treasured she is. Blessings to your whole family as you wait.

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