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New Children’s Book!

We’re doing a new fund-raiser to bring home Phoebe from Africa, and it’s a Children’s book!  The story takes place in “A Land Full Of Stuff”, and this one involves a young girl who lives a more “simple” life on purpose….which leads to some pretty cool things happening.  I had written this story, and 2 more that go with it a while back, thinking maybe someday I’d get Dave Ramsey or Max Lucado to help me publish it.  But I figure if that happens eventually on accident – cool…until then, this is a great way to let my daughters be involved, and maintain total control/profits!

I simply gave my daughters a list of what each page was about, and they produced and colored all of the pictures for the book!  I’m proud of them, and now they’re addicted to bringing me everything they color saying, “Here dad, we can sell this to help bring Phoebe home!”

Here’s a picture of what they look like:


The first page of the story reads:

“In a Land Full of Stuff,

there was a girl who had little.

While they had tall cakes,

she had cakes off the griddle.”

It’s a great story to discuss with your children and grand-children, why we might make choices to live with less on purpose – both in the moment, and on a grandeur scale.  It doesn’t come out and say anything about Jesus – which you may love, or hate…but I felt like it definitely would be a book He’d smile on.  Just click here to get your copy today!!!



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