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waking up for 2013

I don’t even remember how it happened the first time.  Whether it was sitting at home quietly with God, and receiving the idea; or stickyfeetmaybe we were already on a hike in the early spring, and seeing the green buds made us think of it.  But for many years now, a tradition for our family has been to go out into creation on a hike in early spring, and help God to  “wake up the trees”.  Because as we all know, they fell asleep for Winter.

Sometimes it happens in the form of running loudly, yelling “Wake up!  Wake up!!  It’s time for Spring!!!”  Other times grabbing a specific tree or two, and giving them a good shake or a hug.  After a while we realize we’re “waking up” a bit ourselves, enjoying nature in endurable weather, and breathing deep the medicines of free-time and fresh air.

I was gonna write some more about it…and how this walk has changed over the years (mainly, from me carrying them through the steep bits….to them running full speed  down and up)…but I thought it’d be more fun to show you:



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