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an elephant story.

Once upon a time, God had created a large, beautiful field.  Flowers grew, animals played and raised their young, and beneath the surface lay untold mineral value.  Kingdoms all around this field would admire its’ beauty from a distance.  But each was secretly worried that others would come and take its’ beauty for their very own.  Slowly and quietly, the citizens of the surrounding Kingdoms began to find their way onto this field.  They would take away the beautiful flowers.   They would poach the rare and unique animals.  They would claim private access to mining locations all over it’s surface.  The only thing left was it’s rich, tall, grass.  But even this grass was slowly withering, having it’s life choked out one blade at a time.

One day, an elephant appeared on the field….violently claiming ownership.  Offering it’s protection, but trampling down the field from every angle.  No one agreed this elephant was just, as the field had always been the one to take care of it’s incredible grasses.  And so, it was decided by the surrounding Kingdoms, a second elephant would be sent into the field to combat the first.  They nodded their heads in agreement, this was a great idea.  elephants
As the elephants began their dramatic battle over the future of the field – sacrifices had to be made.  At first it began as a small patch of grass.  Eventually, it would grow back and so it was decided this bit of beautiful grass was worth losing, temporarily.

But as the conflict continued, the surrounding Kingdoms began to realize their error.  As blades of grass were being stamped out  left and right, there was hardly time to mourn such loss – let alone know what to do next.  The elephants could not be contained or reigned in once the fight had begun.

Meanwhile, tucked away in a quiet corner of this field, a conversation was happening.  What kind of fertilizer was right for this field?  What would keep the grass growing green, and how much of it needed to be “brought in”?  These were also important conversations and prayers – yet in the midst of them happening – the elephants continued to duel.

As God watched what was happening to the field He’d created, tears rolled down His cheeks…

I don’t believe God is causing us to wait on purpose, forcing us to endure a trial of patience in our journey to bring home our daughter.  But I do believe God is redeeming these moments, by allowing a deepened connection to the people and land of the DRC.  We pray – not only for Phoebe; but for international adoptions, for her country, her extended family, and the suffering down-trodden and voiceless many who continue to dodge the feet of the elephants fighting over them…

(inspired/stolen from a quote from this article)



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