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risqué blog title.

This is where I tease you a bit, making you wonder if the blog I’ve written truly says what you think it might.  It piqued your interest just enough, and the image that came with it connected with something you’ve either experienced, or recently heard about.  It’s probably pretty important.  Or something so excruciatingly vital, you’re not sure how you lived without such knowledge.  This is where you begin to wonder if perhaps I’ve tricked you into reading something you completely agreed with already.  This is where I drag one point out just a little too long, possibly throwing in a vague quote by an author you might perceive as inflammatory.  But not inflammatory enough to make you stop reading.  Possibly even….educational?  Inspirational?

This sentence, right here.  Rather, this one, is just edgy enough to make you gasp audibly.  As this happens, you wonder if now would be a good time to “share” the article so that you’ll be the first among your friends to do so.  You decide to read a bit more first, playing it safe.  After all, we all remember that one time you “shared” that one article that didn’t exactly say what you thought it did at first glance.  As it turns out, playing it safe was a good move, because you seriously begin to wonder if this article says much of anything beyond what you already believed.  But then, it happens.fishbowel

Like. Never. Before.

Yup, I pull a twist of the English language and revelatory emotion that makes you jump 10 feet out of your literary comfort zone.  But now you’re too hooked to even think about leaving my site to share it with your friends.  Yet.  Of course, it’s still there in the back of your mind.  And “liking” it, of course.  But now you’re diving deep into my words, my powerful prose has captured your imagination, and begun to even tug at your heart.  You wonder why you haven’t put these words together like this before….once it’s written, it seems so incredibly obvious.  But then again, it wasn’t obvious, was it?  Your friends are going to love this post.  This deserves to be read by everyone who really “gets” what you’re thinking about lately.  Or should, at least.  But wait…there’s one more thing to do.

You click the “comment” button.  Because you know many of your friends will end up reading/commenting/sharing this article as well.  You want them to see that you’ve taken the time to let these words simmer in the  midst of your day, and offer a slight contribution to the article.  Nothing trollish, but nothing as simple as a verbal “nod of the head” either.  Something with weight, but nothing that’s going to blow up your feed with responses.   As you sit there pondering, blank ready to be filled, you realize how much pressure you feel in this moment.  You decide the value of your time is much more than the value from one comment. After all, people will all post their responses on your facebook anyway…not here.

So you quietly let go of the need to post a contributional comment.  You copy the URL at the top, and click over to your social network of choice.  Posting a quick update, you announce to all who might follow your activities, “I’ve read this, and think it was worth sharing.” Instantly, 30% of your friends feel the tug on their moment and think to themselves “Whoa…I should probably check that out.”  Some of them will.  A new conversation will begin on your social network of choice that adds local and intimate flavor to the topic.

I will smile.  Thanks for reading.  🙂



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