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Easter Week 2014

Another successful “Easter Week” is on the books! Everyone in the family was able to pick something they wanted to do to make this an awesome celebration of life. Even the seemingly impossible “I want to swim at a hotel pool” became possible as Grandma & Grandpa Oring swung by for a visit! Here are a few moments from Easter Week 2014!!

Easter Monday – Cookout w/Friends
Easter Tuesday – Wings’ Playoff Party!!! (Yeah, yeah….we’re out now, I know. Still….love this season of hockey.)
Easter Wednesday – Dinner out, and milkshakes instead of water!! Whoooaaaa! 🙂
Easter Thursday – Family night playing Wii Sports!
Easter Friday – A trip to the zoo to see the penguins, and baby goats!
Easter Friday – We had a friend join us for our annual “Waking up the Trees” hike!!
Easter Saturday – Swimming at a Hotel Pool! Thanks Grandpa and Grandma!! 🙂


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