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Awaiting the Child…

It’s everywhere right now, and at times becomes difficult.  “What Child Is This?”, “Away in a Manger”, and plenty more continue to remind us of the precious baby boy that was born to Mary.  We celebrate Christmas, and love the gift our world has received in Christ.

But with so much emphasis in Advent being on “Waiting for the Child”, it has a few hard moments.

Moments where we’re reminded of the long journey we’ve been on.  Moments we’re reminded that on the other side of the world is a little girl who has no idea yet, the road that is leading our family to bring her home.

We’re still praying for the DRC to work on new laws to better protect Congolese children.  We pray for Government and Village stability, for peace, for a revival in human rights, children’s rights, and emphasis on the importance of family planning and care.  Ultimately, pausing to better protect Congolese children and implement laws that will deter human trafficking is a great thing.  It’s just hard timing for our family and many others, as well as the many children in need of a family and a home currently living in extremely poor conditions.

It’s hard to see the great needs, and feel like because of the pause in exit letters we cannot do anything of value right now.  But there are still great things we can do, and we invite you to be a part of them.  One way in particular has recently let us know they could use new support.

header3For only $30/month, you could help sponsor a child currently living in an orphanage in the DRC.  If you have questions about specifics, we can help answer some questions, and so can they.  Supporting this ministry is intimately connected to our journey of adoption.  If you’re looking for a place to serve, or use money from your Christmas bonus – this would be another great option.  Many of you have donated to our adoption already, and are bored of giving without much to show for it.  We feel your frustration.  If you’d like to give/support our adoption, but want to know the money is going directly to a child in need right now – this is a great way to do it. 🙂

Thanks again for all of your support, and especially for your prayers…we hope to have great news, and celebrate a miracle very soon. 🙂



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