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You May Have Heard…

You may have heard that recently we returned from a last-minute, unplanned trip to the DRC to visit the daughter whom we’re still in process of adopting.  You may have heard that in early 2012, we began the process of reaching out through adoption to change the life of an infant who needed a family, to change our family, and to open many hearts and minds to a new experience of a globally-connected faith.  You may have heard that journey has taken many different roads, and much longer than originally expected.

You may have heard that while I was at class a few weeks ago, we learned it was urgent for us to visit our sweet girl.  To help give her needed care, and help the early process of transferring her into foster care locally until we can bring her home for good.

You may have heard that even after 3 years, we had hundreds of family and friends who responded quickly and loudly, “WE HAVE FAITH!” by their donations, prayers, and encouragement in our adoption process.  You may have been moved to tears by such love.

What you may not have heard, was this:

You may not have heard, the trip went amazing.  We learned so much about the Congolese people, the culture, the present struggles and the hope many have for the near future.

You may not have heard that our daughter was released into our care for the week.  For almost an entire week, she was with us from when we cuddled in bed every morning, until the moments we tried to calm her natural wonder and excitement enough to sleep every night.  We were able to give her individual attention and love, filling her heart and her little tummy – as she filled our hearts to overflowing.  How she gained a few pounds even during our time together.  How the doctors at the clinic couldn’t believe her size for her age.  We wish her sisters were with us, but we look forward to having all 4 girls at home someday.IMG_7584

You may not have heard, how we hope to move her into local foster care, even within the week.  We were able to meet with foster parents, and prepare the paths she will take hopefully very soon.  The orphanage she lives is amazing, and does so much for the community – but they are very limited in their resources.  The hope, and love shown not only by the women who work there, but the young men and women who have grown up there and now care for the younger children – was beautiful.

You may not have heard about the giant traffic robots, invented by Congolese women who are engineers and very proud of their invention that helps attempt to keep drivers safe in a very unsafe overall driving environment.  How a single apple can cost about $5, and the cost of a driver and translator are worth every penny.

You may not have heard how difficult it was to release our daughter back into the care of an orphanage in the DRC.  But we took small comfort in her smiles and laughter as she played with her friends, even as our driver slowly eased backward out of the compound…

We realize that it was ultimately into the care of God that she was released.  This is the same for each of our girls, and is required on a daily basis.  Yet still, it is hard.  Thank you for your prayers, and encouragement.  Continue to pray for so many who are like us – stuck and waiting to bring their child home.   We met some incredible American families who have made DRC their home, and live with their children in-house, until allowed to return to the US.  Pray not only for adoptions to begin moving again, but pray for the DRC as a whole.  There are many who recognize now is an important time (Kairos) for their nation.  There is hope for a rebuilding that the people have desired for many generations, but it will still take some miraculous work by God in the hearts and minds of many in leadership.

You may have heard that in the DRC, as in the US and many other places – sin has caused damage beyond repair.

But you may not have heard the words of Jesus: “Behold, I am making all things NEW.” (Rev. 21:5)

May our lives and our homes begin the proclamation of Christs’ New Creation, as we love and live in the name of Jesus…for the sake of the World…



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