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I’d originally posted this on my actual church website.  As it turns out, they actually DO want visitors, and this seemed counter-productive.  Posting it here instead, so that when I die, the historians will have this to laugh at.  Or present Russian hackers.  Or my mom.  You know, whoever reads…

Top Reasons to NOT Visit our church:dontvisit.big_

  1. You’re a long-time attender at another church & discovered something you don’t like. Whether worship style, new pastor, new Bible version, new parking lot, or the latest potluck recipe flop – stick with your family if possible. Community is long-term, and multi-generational. That means there will be seasons, and possibly even generations where things aren’t quite what you’d pick out. But you don’t switch family reunions because the other family is playing a cooler game. (Although you might invite them to teach you.)
  2. You’re completely comfortable w/your life right now, & want everything to stay the way it is. Certainly ANY church can turn into a social club, where we pat each other on the back and go home each week with a smile on our face. But here at Moundford we value transformation, and we invite our people to live missionally in ways that might make you and your “comfort” more vulnerable.
  3. You’re perfect. Seriously? We have a Savior already, and don’t need another one. (Although you might still want to try and come…there’s a good chance you’ve been misinformed.)
  4. You want people to see your new _______. Whether it’s a hairstyle, new car, or giant gold-plated belt-buckle; it might be better to post a picture on social media and let your mom “Like” it. We advocate humility and “freedom from the trappings of wealth”. So whether humility looks like a suit and tie (servant), or blue jeans (simplicity), we invite you to come before God with a humble heart.
  5. You want to be a part of a community where everyone is like you. Sadly, the visual diversity of congregations does often seem homogeneous. But the heart of Jesus stirs a desire within us to reach out across all socioeconomic and culture/racial barriers to build loving community and share life together. We hope to continue looking more and more like the diversity found in a global body of believers.
  6. You’re hoping to move up within a pyramid. We understand the current economy has all sorts of opportunities popping up for investment. Although we certainly welcome anyone here at Moundford, we’d rather “building your financial network” not be your foundational motivation for connecting with us. From another angle, the head of our church is not the local pastor or head of the board – it’s Jesus. We seek His Spirit together, and guidance comes as we are accountable to each other, the greater conference, and our denomination.
  7. You want a church population big enough to hide in. It can be tempting to try and follow Jesus and attend worship one day, and fade quietly away all week/month. Sure, it’s possible to attempt, but you’re missing out on so much. Connect in relationship through a class or small group. We are not formed by attending and consuming a worship service – but by including the means of Grace found in living together as worshiping vulnerable community.
  8. You’re looking for something 100% new. We believe in Revelation 21:5, God says “Behold I am making all things new!” not “Behold, I am making all new things!” We have roots in this community going back to 1880, and understandings of scripture, mission, and God that go back thousands of years. Even as God continues to do new things in and through us, we will always be connected to that “great cloud of witnesses” (Hebrews 12:1) and the ways God has been active for a long time already.
  9. For the freshly made Mexican cuisine. Okay, so this one’s just for fun. But if you haven’t yet, do yourself a favor and visit “Taqueria La Perlita” near 22nd and Eldorado. That’s some good Mexican food right there. Tell Maria we sent you. (Although sidenote: Our potlucks have been known to feature some of Decatur’s finest fresh Chinese food.)
  10. You’re Trying to Escape God. We are a community of God’s children who believe the Word became flesh in Jesus Christ, and revealed the powerful Love of God that seeks us out no matter where we are, and no matter how broken or undeserving we think we might be. When we gather for worship, it is this God we seek and encounter. This Love offers to flood our time together, and does not stay contained in our services. We invite this Spirit to empower us throughout our week, which involves reaching out to others – but also an inward transformation of our hearts as we open ourselves to His Love. So even though it’s not a great place to come if you’re trying to avoid God – now might be a good time for you to recognize – God is with you already in this moment. You cannot make His Love turn away from desiring to be with you.

(If you’ve made it this far into reading, I hope you’ve been stirred. If you’d like to talk more, or for someone to pray with/for you, I hope you’ll connect. Visit, call, or e-mail!)



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