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Revelation 21:10, 22-22:5

I thought it was a wonderful connection that this was the poem in response to a lectionary passage yesterday, a day I was able to share spoken word at an event promoting International Community:

The River of God, now flowing
Through the city, here to John revealed
Where Heaven and earth have come together
Where the nations will come and be healed

Twelve kinds of fruit, trees are bearing
On both sides there grows Tree of Life
Reconciled where once there was conflict
Joy and peace where once there was strife

Twelve kinds of fruit, and twelve tribes
Here the people of God from all nations
We are revealed the purposes of God
As He offers humanity salvation

We are not today offered a ticket
To hold onto until we expire
We are not told to endure a bit longer
Until we have all we desire

We are transformed to reflect His heart
Toward the healing of nations in pain
To see His face, to live in His Light
To join in revealing His reign

Lord Jesus, may I join that great river
That flows from Your Throne out to all
To a world that is thirsty and waiting for You
May our lives today echo Your call



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