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…let no man put asunder.

Vacation pretty much rocks.

Let me start at the beginning. Last week, Sarah/Addie/I left wednesday night, to begin a week long trek to Virginia for my brother Larry’s wedding. I was doing the wedding, and Sarah/Addie were both in the wedding (Addie was THE cutest flower girl EVER). Traveling with a baby for the first time, I realized my OCD was not my favorite aspect of myself. STRESS was the word for the week.

So yeah…we prepared for…celebrated…and the wedding happened. It’s the first wedding I’ve ever done, and actually went well from what I can remember. Finally, we celebrated post-wedding, saw them off…and breathed a heavy sigh of relief.

I get like one vacation each year, so we decided to use being on the East coast to our advantage (thanks Larry). Through the generosity of family, we drove up the coast to Long Island, NY where we’ll be staying the rest of this week before flying back thursday.

Last night was truly a “vacation night”…and was good for our souls. We walked the beach looking at shells and other things that had washed up, went over to a local seafood place where we sat outside and cracked fresh crab legs…then went to a local ice cream shop where you could tell them pretty much how to make you the perfect sundae, and they did it. Came home, finally saw the LOST-Season Finale (HOLY COW!)…and went to bed actually before it became the next day.

Slept in this morning until Addison wanted me to play at about 7:30…and am thanking God. This is good for us. My wife has deserved a vacation for a long time…and I’m actually being refreshed too. 🙂

Today we’re heading to the BIG APPLE! I’m thinking this might not be the best time to be reading a book about our consumeristic culture, and how our faith MUST affect our economic involvement. We’ll see how this goes….



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