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yadda yadda yadda…. I don’t think my “blog” will enjoy the readership that my “myspace” did, or my “facebook” currently does. But I think I’m becoming okay with that. The one or two people who may actually read this for now probably pay more cumulative attention than either previous locations anyways. 🙂

It feels good to be alive. Last week was one of THE busiest weeks ever. With my phenomenal wife helping lead VBS, and my parents visiting all week long, and taking 40 teenagers bowling on wednesday….again, it feels good to be alive.

God blessed us enough to be able to escape for a night in Bloomington, where some friends of ours who rock the house were able to watch Addie for us. We spent the night eating Filet Mignon and drinking virgin strawberry daquiri’s…and waking up to the smell of Bath and Bodyworks Shampoo and a full breakfast buffet at the Chateau. (the castle of Bloomington)

I was able to spend a couple hours total enjoying a new book I’d purchased by Steven James called “Sailing between the Stars“. Took me a while to get into it, but I’m definitely enjoying his word-pictures of faith. It’s not as ballsy as Donald Miller (sorry if that offended)….but along similar lines…and soothing for the soul. He uses stories from being a parent a lot, and things I’ve never been able to connect to are beginning to really hit my being in cool ways. I’m thinking maybe I would enjoy writing more….but wonder what kind of book I would write.

At one point, a couple years ago…I thought about writing a book based on the life of dirt. Not just any dirt…but the first dirt ever to become man. Breathing dirt. The life of the only dirt to ever be personally shaped and “breathed” into by God. It still sounds like a really good idea…and could help make some good connections about finding our identity in God alone…..etc. Maybe for teens…or young adults. Or a childrens’ book, perhaps. I’ll keep chewing on it. For now…no stealing my idea. At least…for money. 🙂



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