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New Phone

So yeah, I got my new phone finally….pretty stoked about being able to pretend I’m hip as half my teens at least. I got texting AND the ability to send/receive pictures.

But the process of purchasing the phone, and the act of “not purchasing” any of the extras (chargers, memory cards, phone protectors, etc) at the store, but opting to search online brought up a random question.

We all know cell phone stores, and most stores these days make a TON of their money off of generations that either don’t know how to look online, or don’t think it’s worth the effort. But as more of the younger generations grow up to become the main consumer base….what happens to our economy?

Assuming these younger generations are educated consumers, knowing a good deal not because the sales-person as labeled it as such, but because they’ve done their research….will our economy thrive or dive?

Example: The cell phone store offered to sell me a 1GB memory card for my phone. It was originally $70, but was recently marked down to the CRAZY low price of $40!! I just finished ordering a 2GB memory card online for $25.

So what happens to these stores when they’re unable to sell anything at CRAZY prices? Or what would happen to us, if the internet disappeared for some reason? I guess the stores keep praying for uneducated customers, and we keep praying for tools to be easily educated.



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3 thoughts on “New Phone

  1. i don’t think it’s about educated/noneducated. I know a lot of poeple who would spend the extra $15 because:1. they know they can take it back to the store2. they don’t want to bother hassling w/ online3. they like people better than computers.I don’t think rip-off stores will ever go away. I think they’ll just rip people off more.

any thoughts?

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