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Oh man…it’s been a while. Allow me to catch you up…

We left on July 15th for a 2 week mission trip with the youth…it was incredible. God revealed His heart for each of these teens, and many of them responded in ways that make you glad you’re on this journey together. Our first half was the Free Methodist Youth Conference, “IYC”. That week we focused on becoming servants, and denying ourselves for others. The second week was a great “GROUP” Workcamp, also in Tennessee, where we met some other incredible teens in search of God, and worked hard serving the community around us. I don’t have enough time/space to list everything that caught my heart/mind…so here’s just a few:

– We don’t worship the experience, we worship the God. This sentence caught me in a way that makes me want to say it often, aloud and in my own quiet times. No matter what our “experience” of God…it is not the experience we worship…it is God Himself. God will not change, and neither will our need for God. That gives us plenty to be thankful for, no matter if we’re on the mountain top, or deep in the valley.

– What kind of Messiah do you want? When Pilate offered the people to release one person…Barabbas or Jesus….he was asking them what type of Messiah they wanted. The same question rings true for us each day. Do we seek a Messiah who will free us, and overthrow the “powers”, conquering them and raising us up? Or do we seek a Messiah who speaks of dying to ourselves, giving up our desires, and serving even our enemies?

– SIMPLE GREEN! This cleaning solution pretty much kicks butt. During a week of painting a billion different walls, we discovered that Simple Green can clean ANYTHING….and pretty much do anything. Oh, and Jordan Hill is one hip country artist…sponsored by Simple Green. 🙂

So yeah, that’s it in a nutshell. If you’d like to hear more stories, or see more pictures, or just worship with us….come this Sunday, August 5th…to Moundford Free Methodist Church in Decatur, IL….at 10:30am. See you there!

ps. I will be competing on WHEEL OF FORTUNE on THURSDAY, AUGUST 9th in Los Angeles….and it will be aired at a later date (I’ll announce ASAP). God bless you all!!!



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