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Peanut Butter…

God loves me.

He has shown me this recently through the Hershey’s sub-company of Reese’s.

Anyone who knows me well….knows that since early in High School…I’ve been frustrated at Ice Cream toppings in general. Disappointed that the only way I can get decent peanut butter on my ice cream is to go all the way to Dairy Queen or Culver’s. Or buy an entire can of their topping, and somehow keep it at home.

I’ve always wondered why no company was taking advantage of putting liquid peanut butter in a squeeze bottle (much different than Skippy’s tube version) so that I could enjoy it at home.

Until now. Recently, at our local Kroger…I’ve discovered Reese’s Peanut Butter Ice Cream topping….right there near the chocolate syrup. WHOOO HOO!!!

I’ve looked it up online a little….and so far can’t find it listed as a product…so I wonder if we’re a test market, or if they don’t make it anymore….either way….I should buy a lot. 🙂

That is my joy of the day. 🙂



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