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prayer and a wheel…

Recently I’ve experienced God in a way I would not have expected, and I have my greedy nature, and Wheel of Fortune to thank.

Most of you know by now, that this past Thursday I competed on Wheel of Fortune. The show will air on Monday, September 17th, and you can all watch me make a fool of myself. What you won’t see, however, is the peace in my soul that day.

I struggled with so many aspects of the show. Obviously, I prayed fervently that God would somehow “bless the wheel” so that I could do well on the show. For the 2 weeks leading up to that date, it was on my heart and mind more than I care to admit. About a week before the show aired, I was struck by how much of my energy was spent asking God to bless me that day….and how little time I had spent praying for others recently.

My whole being seemed consumed by this opportunity. I’m ashamed to think of the prayers/conversations I may have overlooked because of this preoccupation in those days…but I smile remembering the times spent with God those few days before we left. I prayed for His forgiveness…I gave the burden of caring about the show into His capable hands, and asked that He would teach me to pray more, and pray less selfishly. (which I suppose, could still sound selfish).

If any of that makes sense or not, the point is this: Sometimes we forget how much we believe in prayer, until we find something that (even selfishly) reminds us…we believe prayer is effective. So with this realization came a renewed sense that I need to be praying. Praying for people in my life. Praying for my family. Praying for my church. Why? I believe God has created us as “beings that pray”.

As for the show….we had a great time, and whether God touched the wheel Himself or not……we don’t know for sure. But I’m still thankful for the experience, and for the reminder that PRAYER plays an important role in my life….and I need to be involved in it more often.

The question for you then…might be…what would motivate you to pray more? Why wait until something does? If you believe in prayer…pray. 🙂



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One thought on “prayer and a wheel…

  1. Humbleness sometimes comes at the most unexplainable times, just like the chance to “hit it big” or to be comfortable in our own environment; yet to remember to think of the others you promised to speak to God about is sometimes the most humbling experience of them all.Thanks for the reminder my Pastor Bro…..

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