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black and white……or grey?

I read an article this morning, that goes right with my latest post on the body of Christ, and our greencards.

As much as I want to show love to other members of our body….you do have to have some respect for the law, right?

Check out this story, and let me know your opinion.

I’m not so sure I would’ve debated with the government on this one. I mean…the order from the judge originally came in 1997…when she had no son. She made the decision to stay and have a child here in the US.

This woman’s story made me wonder what exactly someone must go through to become a US Citizen….so I did some checking around…

So here’s a website that talks about what is required to even apply for US Citizenship. Notice a couple of things:

1. Under “good moral character” (a very vague category), you cannot apply if you are, or have been a “habitual drunkard”. If only American Citizens would be at risk of losing our citizenship for things on this list. 🙂

2. You have to pass a test on US History and Government Knowledge. I gotta be honest here….I’m a pretty intelligent guy, and I only scored a 72% on their 25-question practice test. (I didn’t know the Civil War was also about individual states’ rights) But with a little studying, the average person who really wants it, could be motivated to know more than the average American even does.

You also have to fill out this form …which actually asks if you’ve ever actively been involved in trying to overthrow a government. Huh….guess that’s a good question.

So with a little research, studying, and time…anyone could become a US Citizen, right?

So how is this such a difficult process…..and what needs to change? Obviously this is seen as a daunting/impossible task by so many.

ps. For kicks, I checked out Canada’s requirements…..good news for the habitual drunkards…no rules against it here! Overall a much easier application process….and free medical care, right?



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