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(that’s a pause sign, if you didn’t catch it)

I realized I haven’t blogged for quite sometime on my incredible daughter, so here goes nothing.

Addison has turned ONE!!! She’s walking like crazy, and learning new words/sounds all the time. For a while there everything was “ball!” But now she can actually do “dadda”, “momma”, “down” (when she’s done eating), “cheese”, “dog”, “balloon” (which sounds like a slurred version of “ball”, and a few others that we’re trying to figure out what exactly they are. She is also picking up the ability to beat box with daddy…although many times it just ends up being spit everywhere. 🙂

Along with the new words are new facial expressions. Many of you have seen the “old man scrunched face smile”…or the “fake cry” face. These are both classic.

Addie has also learned how to give hugs!! These are incredible after a long day of work. She’s beginning to learn how to blow kisses, and has begun working on her ability to actually kiss.

I was talking with a teen not too long ago, and we were talking about God’s ability to know our thoughts. Sometimes as a believer, we get so busy with life…it’s hard for us to set aside, or remember to set aside time to actually speak or write words to God. He knows our thoughts/hearts after all, right? What does it matter if I don’t actually say the words everyday?

The thing is…I know Addison loves me. Everything about her life points to needing me, and her smiles and hugs communicate so much gratitude and emotion towards me as her father. I “feel” her love for me. But….I can’t wait for the day my daughter can actually look at me and say “I love you daddy”. Wow. Just imagining it gets me excited. I love that girl so much.

God created by speaking things into existence with words. (from the records we have, at least….I wasn’t there) He didn’t just zap things into being. So words must be pretty important right? I have to believe….with all of this….that me actually taking the time/effort to speak a prayer out loud, or write to God what’s on my heart…means a lot to what’s going on here.

Will I love Addison more than my second child, just because she can say “I love you” to me, and the other one is still working on it? No. Both of my children will be loved…because they’re my children.



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