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Experimental Hobby…

I realize this may be one of the most popular times for random people to be checking out my blog. Because of that, I’ve decided to go ahead and post something else besides Wheel of Fortune, that shows I’m an interesting human being also…

This morning was interesting/though-provoking and smelly all at once. Although I think I enjoyed the “smelly” part. The thought-provoking side came from a conversation with an older gentleman who didn’t know I was in ministry. He was giving me advice for life, and we were having a conversation during which I would ask him questions, and he would answer with wisdom that comes from having lived over 60 years in this world.

At one point, he turned to me and thanked me for listening. He went on the complain and blame today’s schools and churches for teaching us not to think, and not to listen to older people for wisdom. I listened to him for a while, and actually agreed with him on many of his points. Lord help me to be a minister that leads children of God to a real and vibrant faith, and not just one that blindly accepts anything they’re told.

Before the man arrived at my house, I began a hobby that hopefully will become something I get better at. I was roasting green coffee beans! I did a little bit of research online first, but all the directions sounded too complicated, and they recommended using a covered pan or wok…and I’d just bought a new small pan with raised sides, so I closed the computer, and lit the stove. I used a wooden spoon to stir the beans as they roasted, to encourage an even roast at about 500 degrees on a medium-high heat.

After the beans had gotten past the first cracking sound, and were beginning to crack a second time (dangerously close to burnt, but hopefully a french roast), I carefully put them into a metal colander to separate the beans from the chaff. (the beans increase in size, and shed their outer skins) I allowed them to cool for a bit, and took them outside to blow off as much chaff as I could.

Finally, I brought the beans into the house and put them in a bowl that I put foil over. You want to give the beans 4-12 hours to release more gases and dry out a bit before actually grinding and making coffee. I’m sure this method will take some revamping, and I’ll hopefully get better and better at it….but here is the finished product….



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