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What do you think???

Alright folks….here it is….your chance to weigh in. This thursday, Sept. 27th, we are hopefully going to find out the gender of our new baby, due Feb.21st!

What will be added to this incredible family?

Although I don’t think she understands yet that she’s expecting a sibling…Addie definitely can’t wait to have someone to share all of her toys with….hehe. Here she is, pretending to call her future brother or sister…

Personally, I’m just plain’ hoping for a baby. Sarah tells me I should have an “inkling”, or some sort of “gender-sense” where I can say “I think it’s a _____”. But really, I have no clue. Maybe it’d be different if the little squirt were inside of me….but I’m okay the way it’s already been worked out. 🙂

In any case, this baby is gonna get a lot of love. So here’s your chance….what do you think we’re having? Boy or Girl? What date do you think it’ll arrive? What time? Give your guesses, and the closest one WINS!!! (prize yet to be determined) Leave your message here on my blog. If you’re reading this on my facebook, go to my blog to comment at

Let the guessing begin!!!



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5 thoughts on “What do you think???

  1. I’m leaning towards a girl. Larry thinks it will be an ‘it’ until he/she can talk to him :). Technically, Addie is still an ‘it’. Love you guys! Can’t wait to see you this weekend!

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