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spouses rock.

Sarah and I just returned from our Free Methodist’, Gateway Conference, Pastors/Spouses Retreat in Saint Louis. Whew..long title. We had a great time, stayed at the Drury Inn, had a riverboat dinner, and a great worship service saturday morning. Here are a few pictures of our adventure…first, we see me helping Lewis and Clark figure out which direction to go…

…and then, we had a great evening on the riverboat, eating and hearing classic banjo/piano music on a 1960’s riverboat. We slept in a bit, got up for a nice breakfast, and a great worship service with most of the pastors from the conference and their spouses. Several shared their stories, and it is definitely evident that God is using this conference in great ways, and we are very excited about being involved in a church (and denomination) that is so genuinely seeking God. More about that another time, I’m sure.

Once our official “duties” were done, we stayed in Saint Louis a bit to enjoy the City Museum (not very education, but an incredibly HUGE jungle-gym basically). Where I saw the world’s largest pair of underwear…

I also climbed up to ride the “MONSTER SLIDE”, which my pregnant wife didn’t want to subject Sophie to….so it was me amidst all the elementary kids…as well as climbing to the very top of the “Monstrocity”, where they’ve welded pretty much TONS of junk together with a small airplane fuselage at the pinnacle…

She let me play….and I was so thankful that I took her shopping at the Historic Union Station afterwards.

We saw some cool stuff, some fancy people, some fudge being made, bought a few pieces of extravagant chocolate, and left as the Saint Louis Blues fans were arriving en mass for that evenings’ game. It was difficult to leave, knowing I could stay and watch an NHL game for like $20. But we were missin’ Addison, and just HAD to make it home in time to watch Michigan whomp on Illinois in football. hehe.

We had a great time, and want to thank our Church Family, and our family in Decatur, who enabled us to take the couple days to remind ourselves that God demands we serve our marriage before we serve our church. 🙂 Love u all….



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