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frustrated, and update…

So if u’ve breathed in the past year, you’ve noticed the ridiculous amount of airtime given to the candidates of both parties for the 2008 election. I’ve accidentally tuned in to a couple of their billion debates, and have to say it’s a struggle.

It’s a struggle to try and take them seriously. Imagine the billions of dollars spent planning events, running events and campaigns, covering all of these things, promoting in every media realm possible, and tearing each other apart politically….and none of them seem to be batting an eye. But you ask them publicly what their opinion is on the poor and disenfranchised, they’ll tell you about their amazing plan to somehow make America care for them.

How about starting by using these millions of wasted dollars to kick off your amazing plan? How about America finds a new way to “do” all of this? Because this is really just ludicrous. Not that I have an incredible idea…..I just don’t think it should cost this much for us to find a few candidates to vote between. Meanwhile the society they will eventually lead is being milked of valuable resources to help serve the poor everyone seems to enjoy claiming as important to their campaign.

But you know what helps? Moments like this…much more entertaining, and FREE…:

Unfortunately, loving my daughter also makes me care just a little more about the future of this city, this state, this society, and this government… and makes me wish we had a better way to care for our future then going into debt to figure out who will lead us.

But this is where the plank in our own eye begins to twinge with pain just a bit more. Church, how much money/resources does American “christianity” spend each year on conventions, concerts, and propaganda that really is more political/religion minded than it is caring for the poor or communicating the heart of God? I know a lot of good is being accomplished through so many of them….but do we really need to spend millions on getting the right graphics/sound/lighting? Is that really worth getting a few teens to say the words “Jesus come into my heart”? Lord help us to represent right spending….and not spending…in hopes that maybe we can influence the world even today. Otherwise we’re all just spinning in circles….which might be entertaining…but we’re getting nowhere.


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