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…an option. ( a really good one)

So…I don’t know how to get around the patterns we’re already in. And you’ll probably enjoy reading this about as much as I enjoy writing it.

But we all can admit more money is being spent in the next month or two on stuff that we don’t really need, and oftentimes will just end up throwing away eventually anyways.

Most of us have heard of these options by now. Organizations that allow you to give a gift to someone overseas in the name of someone here. Some chickens to provide eggs for food, a pig or goat or cow, some plants or trees, or beans or rice, or even housing, education materials, etc. The list is really long.

But it’s probably too late this year eh? The Christmas lists have already been written. Your spouse is the one in charge of gift-giving usually. Too many people you know have the love-language of “gift-giving/receiving”. People have already bought you a gift. It’s just how it’s done. (These are all my own excuses)

But some things remain, and money is still in our pockets. If you’re not ready for a “no-gift” Christmas just yet…here are some ways to shave off costs, and do a good thing with the money you save:

1. Handwrite/type Christmas notes instead of cards. Usually you can say more, and make it more personal anyways. Even if people tape them on their fridge, we can all agree we throw them away eventually.

2. Wrap with old newspaper. Sure, snowflakes are cute…but I think we can sacrifice some cuteness for something this important, right?

3. Candy-schmandy. Unless it’s REALLY good stuff most of the Christmas candy out there is just a nickel’s worth of toothache for a $5 receipt. Save your money…we all eat too much this season anyways.

4. For the gifts you haven’t bought yet…give used! A great book you’ve read, a movie you’ve watched and bought for some reason, some entertaining magazines you’ve enjoyed, a program or game you can stand to part with. A decorative touch that sits in storage somewhere. We all have great stuff that is just collecting dust somewhere. Let’s all agree not to get offended if the gift we get doesn’t still have shrink-wrap….k?

5. Buy fair-trade and/or home-made. Find out the sources of the gifts/cards you’re sending/giving. Support justice, creativity, and other hippy-stuff that really is less hippy and more Jesus-ish.

For real though….we have brothers and sisters who will spend this holiday season watching with hungry eyes as so many of us stuff ourselves, and throw huge amounts of money down the drain. Human life, and the quality of living is so much more important than the “things” that will just make us smile. And truth is…knowing these good things are being done, offers us the same smile, with a deeper foundation. Maybe click one of the links above, and check it out?



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