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a few practical updates…

In case anyone was wondering, YES, you can get a $10 ticket for parking the wrong direction on the street right in front of your own house. Even if your car takes up the same exact space on the road. I should have remembered this from the Illinois “Rules of the Road” But there’s even more irony to this story:

On the same day that I found this ticket on my car, I got a call from the Mayor’s office. Let me give you some background info. Quite a while ago, I’d read a blog from the Mayor’s website asking for more citizens to be willing to step up into volunteer roles in leading the community. At the time, I realized hey, I’m a homeowner! I want to be a part of this community long-term, and it would make sense for me to set an example to other citizen’s by volunteering some time. I sent him a message to let me know when an opening occurred on a council I could serve on.

So…the same day I received my parking violation, I got a call from the Mayor’s office, asking if I’d be interested in serving on the City’s “Traffic and Parking Commission”. I confessed to my recent violation, and she sounded like they’d still consider me. 🙂 I’ll keep you updated as I hear back!

In other news…I attended my annual Redwings’ Game last night and we had a BLAST! I was sportin’ my new Brett Lebda jersey, signifying that YES, I am a REAL fan, and not just a bandwagon Yzerman hugger. But the Wings’ lost. (and someone spilled beer down my back) That is a bit frustrating. Every time I’ve seen them play in Chicago, they’ve lost. So I figured, a game in Saint Louis…cake-walk, right? But they had a bad night. Ah well…someday I’ll witness a victory first-hand, and for now, the beer washes out.

One more update: WE GOT SOMETHING FROM WHEEL OF FORTUNE!! No, not any money, but we got our $1,000 voucher for VEGAS.COM . We’ve made plans to go to Vegas for our 5 year anniversary! We’re going at the end of this month….staying at Treasure Island , and going to see David Copperfield (Sarah’s pick, unless it’s canceled because of all charges and suits against him), Tournament of Kings (our pick), and Spamalot (my pick). So yeah…it’ll be a busy 4 days….but we’re stoked!

That’s it for now….a lot more to say, but plenty of time to say it….God Bless YOU this week!



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One thought on “a few practical updates…

  1. 1. That traffic ticket is some real irony, and I hope they put you on the council so you can get rid of that rule :). In VA they didn’t give you a ticket for it, but if someone hit your car while it was parked the wrong way it wasn’t covered by insurance.2. Yay for the Blues! There may be some hope for our St.Louis teams! The only number ones we have in this city are the highest number of STD cases and highest crime rate. 3. Don’t let Sarah sit in the front row at the David Copperfield show. If they ask you backstage, bring a taser :). Love you guys, glad to hear you’re going on vacation! Enjoy it!P.S. Where are you flying from?

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