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Helen Oring-Nichols – 1907-2008

Grandma Oring has passed on. I met this woman when mom married dad about 10 years ago. Most of the time, her health, and my life have kept us from spending a ton of time together, but I did enjoy a few moments, and learned some things in particular. Here are a few of the memories I have…

1. Sing. Grandma O. sang karaoke to us whenever we’d stop by. Just remembering an old familiar song brought a smile to her face, and it was evident that there was some life tucked away in those notes she hit as well. I pray I’m still singing late into my 90’s…

2. Love. Her love for family, and unique ways of showing it (and remembering it) were always fun to be a part of. She may not remember it later, but a few moments of sharing Addison with her on the couch revealed the importance of the gift of family, and an example of why some things are just bigger than the small stuff we get upset about sometimes.

3. Smile. Sometimes genuine joy, sometimes pleasant contentedness, and sometimes probably not quite knowing what was going on…but years of smiling had etched an “old woman” smile on Grandma that she didn’t have to struggle hard to wear.

4. Live. I most likely don’t even know a small part of the LONG life that Grandma had lived. The experiences she had. The major world and US History that she actually saw happen, and that touched her life. The decisions she made for her family that would influence and affect even her grandkids way down the road. A testimony to each of us that our life is not our own. We live today for the generations to come. Thanks Grandma, for your life, your smile, your love, your singing, and your son.



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