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a story about sandwiches….

once upon a time there was a man. this man’s name was AWESOME. AWESOME was a pretty good guy, but life seemed kinda normal to him.

until one day, AWESOME got a sandwich. not just any sandwich, this one was INCREDIBLE. but not because AWESOME had made it that way, but just because it was. no one could have ever described to AWESOME how good this sandwich would be, and even when he tried to tell others, they were still missing a bit of what he tried to convey.

it was one heck of a sandwich. INCREDIBLE even. and it got better every day. it taught AWESOME about life, love, and gave meaning to the simplest of experiences.

AWESOME loved that INCREDIBLE sandwich. he would give his life for it.

but AWESOME learned that a second sandwich was about to enter his life. a sandwich that was sure to be AMAZING. AWESOME was so excited to find out he would have a second sandwich, but it also brought up many questions.

what would his INCREDIBLE sandwich think? could he handle having two sandwiches? what would life look like down the road of more than one sandwich? could he be faithful to these two INCREDIBLE and AMAZING sandwiches that he’d been given by God?

thankfully, AWESOME wasn’t alone. his wife, AWE-SOME was there to help him. it also helped to know that they weren’t the first ones in history to ever have two sandwiches. many people even had more than that! so with a bit of mayo, some mustard, and maybe even some horse-radish….they knew everything would end up being alright. possibly even PHENOMENAL.

this made AWESOME very excited about the arrival of this second sandwich. he grew more and more hungry every day.

the end. (for now)



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4 thoughts on “a story about sandwiches….

  1. yeah, I know. my mom couldn’t understand why I had a whole post about sandwiches. Basically I wanted to say I’m excited for Sophie comin’. But that seemed too easy. Kudos to those who actually read this and realized it had nothing to do with sandwiches.

  2. actually, AWE-SOME is a reference to the fact that although Sarah is very similar to me, she helps bring out the true meaning in who I am becoming. And you thought I just threw any old word out there. psssh. 🙂

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