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I’m not crazy…..


To anyone who mocked, or made fun of, or just plain thought my sandwich post from a week or so ago was too far fetched….this is me laughing at you.

Last night, we’re watching TV…and a commercial for KRAFT cheese comes on.

A post it note – says “We’re pregnant”…and next to it…and grilled cheese sandwich.

The post it note becomes a picture of the mom developing, and on the right….the sandwich gets smaller and smaller.

Until finally, they show a giant grilled cheese, breaking in half…and then show a happy baby…with the phrase “HAVE A HAPPY SANDWICH”

Did KRAFT steal my idea? I dunno. Doesn’t matter. Either way, I win.

In the meantime…if you haven’t watched the trailer for “Be Kind, Rewind”…you probably should….it looks great. 🙂

Also…please pray for the over 120 teenagers attending FROSTBITE 2008 this weekend….God is already at work…JOIN IT!! 🙂



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