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Quick update – FROSTBITE 2008 went awesome! Thanks to everyone who helped, and gave/prayed for this past weekend! We had about 150 people (including 120 teens), and many lives were impacted, and were reminded of their hunger for God. I’m sure I’ll have some things to post on it later this week. But today…I’m taking off. Spending time with family, and catching up on another issue.

This Tuesday night, local media will host a debate between both sides of our city’s government change issue. I posted my initial thoughts a while back. Since then, our Mayor has publicly announced his disapproval of a Strong Mayor system, proposing a new idea, and our current city manager has announced he will not be renewing his contract.

Along with that…it’s been revealed that there are a lot of adults in this city who would love to keep the arguments at a high school level…both being WAY too overdramatic. To think that changing the city’s form of government will either instantly create golden paths to success and population growth….or that changing from the current system will destroy every good thing we have left….both are extremes that I’m not willing to give my attention to. Unfortunately…both sides are pushing those extremes. I think we should change the form of government every 10 years or so….just to keep things fresh. 🙂

I did find a blog I’ve added to the links on the right…although this is where a lot of the nonsense bantering has gone on…it’s also evident that it’s a good place to learn new information.

My opinion? I want the citizens of this city to care about this city. Regardless of the form of government, I think there is a lot more that needs to happen. To assign our local government as the scape-goat is just an easy out. Unfortunately, most of what is detrimental to our city is not unique to our city. Selfish, greedy, power-hungry people focusing on their own prosperity can be found everywhere these days. Yup…even in the church.

It doesn’t take a vote to change this. It takes individuals, families, and organizations taking the first hard step towards a new way of life. A way that’s not sexy, not attractive financially, and not easy. But needed. More today than yesterday, and even more with every tomorrow.

Let’s do something about it.



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