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Arguing with a fake Russian….

Saw “The Invasion” last night.
Good movie for families with older teens to watch together.

Realizing this movie has been made, and remade, and remade again…I’m not saying this one is the best. I’m not saying much about the movie as a movie. But it brought up some thoughts.

At one point, during dinner discussion…the Russian man says something to the effect of “when we cease (to be imperfect, have fights, make mistakes), we cease to be human.”

As the aliens take over more and more bodies, this happens. Wars cease. Treaties are signed. At one point, the main character is confronted with a conversation about what is actually happening. The alien describes how all the aliens are actually “one”, and so it doesn’t make sense to fight anymore. He actually confronts her as a psychiatrist, and tries to convince her she was trying to accomplish what they are doing….eliminating the human “condition”.

But along with the fighting, goes creativity, emotion, surprise, etc. And it’s obvious that this “new” way of things is not desirable.

Being in ministry, we’ve discussed and studied “Kingdom” stuff quite a bit. Still not knowing what it will be like, at least I’ve come a long way from imagining it will be like one long church service with golden streets, and my very own mansion. Because being honest about what I used to believe….it sounded pretty boring. Like this movie when most of humanity is just standing around with blank stares.

I do believe a large part of our “humanity” is found in our imperfections. But I don’t agree completely with the Russian. Instead of seeing those imperfections as an end, I view them as our ingrained need for God. We were created to coexist with God, and so our imperfections are made perfect in God.

Without God…our human imperfections result in war, murder, disease, selfishness, etc. But at some point, when the Kingdom is fully revealed, and all of creations’ imperfections are once again made perfect in God….it will be the complete opposite of blank stares, boring services, and stuffy mansions.

It will be emotion as God intended. Love as God intended. Art as God intended. Creativity as God intended. Beauty as God intended. Humanity as God intended. 🙂

It will be stinkin’ awesome. And you can have my mansion. I’m going camping.



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