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…I’m intercontinental when I eat French toast….

I know I’ve posted a lot already…but this deserves a post.

Sarah and I have taken a big step forward in our experience as parents. Last night, we were getting ready to watch “LOST” on TV…sitting around with some family, about to put Addison down for the night…when it happened.

You know that sound that comes from the end of a hose, when you turn on the faucet, and it gurgles all the way to the open end? Imagine that sound coming from an 18 month olds’ mouth….followed by the source of that noise, a hefty serving of fresh vomit.

In the milliseconds that followed, I experienced a myriad of emotions: shock, humor, disgust, upset, love, pity (for Sarah and her outfit), duty, empathy, frustration, helplessness (how do you hold a puking 18-month old? how can I help her?) , etc. As I responded without thinking, grabbing Addison, holding her as if she wasn’t vomiting….to comfort her as I took her into the bathroom, to finish her self-evacuation in the tub.

Oh man…our daughter no longer has the cute baby spit-up. That stuff was awesome compared to this. Give me a shirt with spit-up all over it, compared to one spot of this. And the smell? Oh man. We’re lighting candles all over the place.

So anyways, we responded well…cleaned up…figured out how to comfort Addie through the night, responding each time she began to gag again. The laundry is being done, and Addison is finally keeping fluids down this morning. Hopefully Sarah gets a chance to nap when Addison takes one this afternoon.

We’ve got our dishwasher installed (Thanks Wheel of Fortune!!), and are almost done getting Sophie’s room and the house ready. 🙂 Lent is going well….but I’ve decided it’s okay for me to read books to Addison, even though I’ve given them up until Easter.

Anywho….that’s my update. Bring back any good puke memories?


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