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tick tock…

So this is how it is right now. We can only see the bottom of the timer. We’re not sure how much is left in the top section….but we know the bottom section is getting pretty full.

Man, if it’s this intense for me….I can’t imagine what my wife is actually experiencing. Know that yeah…we’ve scheduled induction for Friday morning at 7:30am….but that really, Sophie could come any time she chooses. There may be fair warning….there may not. 🙂

Sunday night, there was a moment around 2am that we thought it was time. But it turned out not to be. Just like with Addison, only this time we didn’t rush to the hospital. The result was the same though….it was a quick kick in the pants for me to finish getting ready the things I had been putting off. (baby seat, packing, getting a new tape for the camera, etc…)

SO….I figured it was an appropriate time to repost my blog from just prior to Addie….about False Labor….



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