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The place to be…

So have I mentioned my church rocks? They’ve given me 2 weeks paternity leave, so I can be at home helping my wife assimilate to a 2-child home, and loving on my 3 favorite females. It’s stinkin’ awesome. Literally, stinking, sometimes.

Sophie is still too young for us to make her face much publicity outside the home, so she and Sarah pretty much stay indoors. I try to let Sarah get out a few minutes here and there….but since we’re not using bottles at all….well, it can’t happen much.

But Addie needs fresh air….so I get to take her out on errands, like Wal-mart, or Kroger, or running around a bit. We’ve gone to the mall a few times too, and made some great discoveries!

1. The Mall ROCKS for an 18-month old between 9am and 11am. (the stores open at 10am, but it’s still relatively quiet). Imagine a hundred surrogate grandparents, all smiling, and sometimes offering to buy you a cookie, just cause you waved at them and smiled!! Mall walkers are AWESOME!!! (make sure you walk the opposite way with your child, this increases the amount of smiles she gives)

2. This is also the PERFECT time to play on the playland at the mall. Maybe one other kid…but usually completely empty. Time to explore safely, and when there is another, they can be social without having to dodge the 4 year olds.

3. Umbrella strollers need to be just 2 inches taller. No excitement there, just a shout out to the stroller companies. My back hurts.

4. Window displays are boring. C’mon stores, let’s work on this. When the doors are all closed, give us a reason to come back when they’re open. Don’t just throw some products up there, and figure that will do it.

So let’s see…home is going great. My wife is awesome. Sophie is SO MUCH SMALLER than Addison ever was. This is realized even more when you try and change her diaper….she has no butt. It just goes from tiny little leg….to the back. Even so, those tiny little legs pack just as much strength as I remember Addie havin’.
Other updates…hmm. Lent is going well. No books or movies, although I added another clause: If it’s a movie I would never want to watch (a.k.a. a girly movie my wife really wants to see), I’m allowed to watch it with Sarah. We need that time relaxing together, and she didn’t give up movies. I figured it’s okay, since I’m reading books with Addie.

The Redwings have had a rough month, and have several injuries right now. They need to get McCarty back into shape, and a couple back from DTD status. Playoffs aren’t too far away!

God is good. Doing some more writing for CREDO magazine, and very greatful for the experience/development of that hobby that they’re offering me.

Thanks to my INCREDIBLE youth workers/parents and church staff/volunteers for covering for me…..I miss all you guys….and to the teens…..we’re praying for you, and miss you too! I pray that I’m being faithful to the time I’ve been given to focus on family. (no Dobson pun intended)



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One thought on “The place to be…

  1. Hey ChadwickI don’t comment alot, but I went to ONU the same time you did, and am a fellow wings fan! But the point to all this is- we are season ticket holders to the Grand Rapids Griffins (where McCarty is “practicing”) it has been awesome to see him and we were lucky enough to be at the game where he scored the hat trick!! Can’t wait for playoffs!!!

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