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the mule…

One of my favorite elements of playoff hockey…and yet one of the most tense situations in a game 5. Detroit led last night 1-0 for almost 3 full periods. During the last minute of the game, Nashville tied it up 1-1. That took the game into sudden death overtime. First team to score wins. But after nearly 50 minutes of no scoring, I didn’t think it would happen anytime soon.

But the Mule was on fire.

Johan Franzen was able to get the puck on a breakaway only a couple minutes into overtime. He knew he would go for the deke before even reaching Ellis (Nashville’s goalie). Ellis had stopped 52 shots so far in the game, as opposed to Osgood only having to stop 20… even though it stinks to admit it….he’s one pretty solid goal tender.

Thankfully, Franzen comes through in just such occasions. Ellis committed too early, pads down…and left Franzen the time and room to backhand it into the net. That’s 2 goals for the Mule during these playoffs. Detroit now leads the best-of-seven series 3-2.

That makes it 10 playoff games in a row that Nashville has not won on the road. Nashville hasn’t won a playoff game on the road since like 2003.

Game 6 will be tomorrow afternoon….on NBC at 2pm CST. You have no excuse to miss it. If Detroit can win the first away game of the series….they’ll seal a 2nd round spot. If they lose, well…..we all know Nashville can’t win on the road…so we’ll seal it Tuesday night. But let’s go ahead and win tomorrow….just for fun. 🙂



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