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ice and fire…

GO WINGS! BOOM BABY…2nd round here we come. Nashville was just the appetizer.

Sidenote…according to Google Analytics, I average about 30-50 hits on my blog each day (from between 20-35 unique users). I realize there are 18 people who subscribe to my blog via e-mail. Of those, probably 10 are my mom trying to be supportive…hehe. But still…I’m kinda excited that even though I’ve posted about hockey recently, my readership hasn’t died down.

So either you’re simply checking back to see if I’ve posted a “real” blog…or you’re actually curious about how the Wings do…no worries….I’ll be updating both.

Speaking of “real” blogs. How about that end of the world, eh?

Just saw a book that was recommended by someone I know, written by John Hagee. Now, admittedly I don’t know much about the guy, except the people in the video on that website scare me.

After reading through his book for a while, I hurried to the front of the book, to make sure it had been published like in the 1960’s or something. No such luck. Copyright 2006. Wow. Really? Hagee has a church of over 18,000 active members…and with several other books, is influencing quite a few followers in the evangelical community. I’ve heard of people who have the inflated self-importance to think that the entirety of scriptures is about revealing to OUR generation exactly how God wants US to survive the events ahead of us. People I’m pretty sure I disagree with on several levels, like the Zionists, and the Dispensationalists, etc. But surely those people are only a few, right? But seriously?

We’re studying the Book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ (otherwise called “Revelation”) in Youth Group on Sunday nights. When we brought it up, there was excitement…some teens even told what they knew, based on what others had told them, about how the world “was going to end”, and the “anti-christ” was going to sneak into our lives.

I think we still have a few interested, as we continue our study. But I gotta be honest and say, it seems the enthusiasm died down a bit…when it was revealed that we weren’t decoding God’s message to the people of 2008 on how to avoid missing the “rapture”. Instead, we actually talked about how God was revealing Himself through these passages…about the natures of God…and the conditions of this world. There is an amazing amount of hope, redemption, etc. found in these scriptures.

But it’s scary/confusing to many people these days. Why? Maybe because we’ve given so much air-time to those who scream the loudest about their “expert” interpretation of secret biblical messages. Maybe because most pastors are afraid to even approach the topic, knowing either they’re one of the screamers, or perhaps too afraid to offend their followers.

Do you remember the last time you heard a pastor preach from the book of Revelation?

I think it’s about time for followers of Christ to reclaim it from the likes of Hagee and others. There’s a lot more about Jesus, and hope, and redemption, and life in there than they’re shouting about.

So as December 12th, 2012 draws near….sleep soundly.
There’s a whole lot more to Jesus than the “end of the world”.



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