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Those crazies in Texas…

So unless your one of them, you’ve probably seen the FLDS sect in Texas that has been all over the media recently. Accusations of underaged children being forced to marry and bear children, etc…has urged local law enforcement to remove the children from the compound.

Over 400 children have been removed from their homes/way of life….and need to be lifted up in prayer right now. Hopefully we can all agree on that.

Definitely not agreeing with the way of life supported by the FLDS community there. In fact, it’s eerily similar to The Village. To see the lack of emotion shown by these parents who have “lost” their children….I know I’d be freakin’ out quite a bit more…and might even shed a tear or two.

But on the news last night, in an interview with one of the men…a thought struck me. Those of the community who honestly believe in the concepts/way of life set forth for them, must be really confused. Why?

– Your world is suddenly opened. You see things outside your walls you’ve never seen before.

– You see a culture where 13 year olds are encouraged to dress like 30 year old prostitutes, even on children’s TV channels.

– You see Political candidates/parties fighting and causing division among people, all in the name of leading them eventually.

– You see sexuality, and a selfish money/power grabbing lifestyle pimped out in almost every advertisement, song, movie, tv show….and a “do anything to succeed” mentality running the world.

All of this….and YOU are the one accused of being “immoral”.

Not saying I support the FLDS way of life…quite the opposite. But I hope this at least makes those of us who are pointing a finger think more about the word “immoral”, and wonder what we can do to change our “acceptably immoral” way of life.

For now….be in prayer for these children.

Oh, and watch hockey tonight. Game 7 between San Jose and Calgary will determine who Detroit plays in the 2nd round. Woot.



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