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7th Day Abandonists?

When I was in high school, I helped a family friend who was building a house, hang some drywall. He was a nice guy. Loved Jesus. And was a 7th-Day Adventist. He ate funny tasting bacon.

Although I think there are cereals that have been better products of Battle Creek, Michigan…I can get down with their core belief in God/Jesus. I’ve even heard some evangelical protestants wonder why we don’t celebrate the sabbath on the “7th Day” just like we did in the Old Testament?

In response to that question, sometimes you’ll hear a shaky defense that “Sunday can be seen as the 7th day, really…because Monday is truly the first day of the work week, etc”.

This misses a REALLY important transformation that happened in our church, that affected EVERY aspect of who we are, EVEN what day we celebrate Sabbath on. (take note, we DO still celebrate the Sabbath, as a church…and our lives should reflect that needed rest, and coming together to celebrate what follows, even if we don’t like the music or the “message” that day)

In Christ, we see the beginning of God’s new creation, and are pointed towards the coming complete restoration of all things. After the resurrection, the early Christian church wanted all that they did/were to point to a celebration of that event, as well as to point to something yet to come.

In celebrating the Sabbath (rest) on Sunday, we are both (at the same time) doing it on the 1st day of the week AND the 8th day of the week. To try and defend that we somehow view Sunday as the 7th day is to miss out on a powerful transformation and aspect of hope to what we involve ourselves in by “attending church together”.

1st – We are announcing to all of creation that in Jesus Christ, all “new things” (aspects of God’s restoring work in this world) find their beginning. In His Resurrection, God has begun His/our work of “bringing in” the Kingdom of God.

8th – We are also announcing that of the “7 Days” of creation (in Genesis, also echoed in the life of Christ), there is yet an 8th day that will come, removing the veil that separates Heaven and Earth. When Christ’s reign and rule that has existed already, will be ultimately and completely revealed to all…and when God’s original plan for all creation (heaven AND earth) will be realized.

Boom. I hope that hits you in the way it hit me. See you Sunday….:)



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