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Prince William and Brittney Spears Skydive from Space…

So in case you were wondering, “What will I be doing Monday night at 7pm, CST?”, here’s the answer:



1. Oldest trophy in any professional sports history (started in 1892), Lord Stanley’s Cup, will most likely be awarded TO the Detroit Redwings, IN Hockeytown USA, surrounded by over 20,000 screaming fans.

2. Nicklas Lidstrom will be the first to skate around with the Cup, being his 4TH STANLEY with the WINGS, as well as being the 1ST EUROPEAN CAPTAIN EVER to win the cup with his team.

3. It will be THE most intense game, start to finish, that you will have watched ALL YEAR.

4. It’s most likely your last chance to watch the NHL this season.

5. It’s on NBC, you have NO excuse…unless you have no TV, then go somewhere. Family party at my house, be there at 6:30pm.

ps. Why the subject line? I took a few of the most popular recent Google searches, and combined them. Boom.



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