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So here are my thoughts on tonights’ game:

– Best hockey I’ve seen in a LONG time. THIS is why I’m a hockey fan, right here. Gotta love endless sudden-death overtimes. Yes, I would’ve rather had Detroit win the game ultimately, but on the same token…3 Overtimes definitely made it easier to swallow one more game. Intensely entertaining…if you missed it, take a moment to kick yourself.

– Yeah, it stinks. But Detroit WILL still win the Cup.

– Look at the stats. Detroit dominated in EVERY area of the stats, and EVEN in goals. (we just accidentally scored one of those goals on our own net.)

– Lebda definitely proved his worth. Due to the longevity of the game, the younger lines were given extra ice time towards the end. Every time it depended on Lebda, he was there, and pressing forward with Yzerman-esque skills. He’s definitely not there yet, but given a few more years of this….

– REALLY glad that NO MAJOR plays came from Crosby. Media hype him waaaayyy too much. It’s good to see hockey becoming a team sport again for the Pens, even if I’m still a hater. Of course, you never know…maybe he sneezed on the ice right around when the final goal was scored….they’ll probably find some way to give him credit.

– Is it bad to want to cancel youth group so I can watch the game Wednesday night?
God bless DVR. Still….I really REALLY want to be watching this live.

– To the haters who have some words about the Wings being “beat”, or something to the effect of “they won’t win the cup”… advice to you is this: close your mouth.




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4 thoughts on “okay…

  1. I’m kicking myself for falling asleep at the end of the 2nd OT. Sorry ;<) Wednesday's game will be great whether it's on DVR or Live, want me to call and give you updates? ;<)

  2. hater.I know he’s still a 3rd line defense, but with the amount of minutes he was given, he definitely kept the Redwings defense true to form…proving he can handle it.

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