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delayed…but gratifying.

So we took a large group out for putt putt tonight….didn’t get to start the game until 9pm (DVR’d, thankfully). Finally finished watching/celebrating enough to throw a quick post up.

Pretty good chance for a great next year too…but for now, we’ll focus on celebrating Stanley. Take note of my longest playoff beard ever…it’s finally on its way out.

Props to Lidstrom, for winning his 4th Stanley Cup with the Wings….and to all the players/coaches/staff/etc. And to the families who support them.

Well done, Detroit. Well done.



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One thought on “delayed…but gratifying.

  1. Oh thank heavens, now you can shave, hehe,. Well, congratulations, I’m sure glad you did not chug down another IBC soda,, shame on you.,.Hey, there is a big parade in Detroit on Friday for the Wings,, Weather is going to be nice, Drop off the girls, its going to be a big celebration.. Grandma Oring

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