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something is wrong…

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So get this….years ago, many countries needed money to get through some pretty tough times, or for in some ways a “new beginning”. World Banks were more than happy to loan them these amounts, and much time has passed.

With the time passing, the original amounts have been paid off for the most part, but because of ridiculously high interests, many of these countries still owe more than what they borrowed in the first place. Hundreds of millions of dollars in debt, but unlike the US, are unable to simply “print more dollars” to boost the economy (and decrease the value of the dollar ultimately).

As years pass, these countries are forced to choose to keep up with these HUGE payments, millions of dollars, as opposed to using that money to….well…BE a country. Making these payments usually means little or no government aid to impoverished people who struggle with disease, famine, and drought….much of which could easily be improved with just a little money. Instead, countries are forced to make HUGE payments just to keep up with the interest on money borrowed over a generation ago.

Meanwhile, a few other countries (ours included) continue to soak up and enjoy all the resources. We enjoy not having to “share the wealth”, without doing it on purpose (for the most part), but not realizing those who are crying out from under the weight of such debt.

But there has been a movement, both American and beyond, beginning in 2000 and heading to 2015….both politically, socially, and religiously motivated peoples are recognizing that debt forgiveness NEEDS to happen, in order to allow life for these people.

So what can we do? Well, activists type people can write congress, etc. Spread awareness. Talk about it. Research it. Know about it. Live out “forgiveness of debt” (not just money, but what u think others might “owe” you), and see what can happen.

Read this article, on how it really does affect us. Maybe this specific venue won’t be “your fight”…but freedom from slavery of any type can be. May you be encouraged….this is Kingdom work….



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